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Our Technology Audit & Review process examines for best practices

We’ll audit your systems against recognized standards, business strategy, goals & provide  recommendations to optimize 

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Technology Audit & Review

How reliable is the technology your company and employees rely on every day, especially as increasing IT threats, data breaches and disruptions become more frequent?

Will your company's computer systems:

  • Be available for the business at all times when required?
  • Minimize risk to the company's information with established methods?
  • Be accessible only to authorized users?
  • Provide accurate, reliable, and timely information?
  • Minimize risk to the company's information with established methods?
  • Have all of the management controls, security protocols, and data integrity practices in place? 

Typically, companies conduct a technology audit once per year as part of an organization's year-end procedures. 

The audit should be able to identify whether there are any areas of improvement in the established IT infrastructure that could either lead to more efficiency or better security.  

The primary objectives of an IT audit include:

  • Evaluating the systems and processes in place that secure company data
  • Determining risks to a company's information assets, and helping identify methods to minimize those risks
  • Identify inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management practices

How we can help

Poeta Digital’s rigorous technical reviews and audit processes empower companies to grow and compete through transformative digital adoption or adaptation. Poeta’s experienced group of digital strategists, technical architects, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and infrastructure specialists are available to pinpoint and tackle your specific technical challenges

We have an excellent track record of enabling companies to implement digital in the best way for their business or change up their current technology to improve performance and drive growth in new areas. 

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We start by identifying core areas that need to be addressed. These may include an application you want to build for a specific set of customers, the need to move on-premises services and data into the cloud, or the integration of certain business processes and procedures. Whatever the need.

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Current State Analysis

What is your current state in relation to the existing digital landscape? What software or hardware, if any, are you using? What are your pain points? Who are your stakeholders? Who owns your data processes and procedures, and how do these processes operate today in context of your business needs and goals? 

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New State Analysis

Once we have a current state documented, we will conduct a new state analysis that identifies what needs to happen, where the pain points are, and how you need to transform what you currently have into a new state that will solve some of the digital problems being experienced.

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After analyzing your existing technical state with a view to what is desired in the future, we will develop a set of recommendations and a comprehensive project plan that empowers you to move forward with confidence and succeed in your digital transformation. 


How our Technology Audit & Review will streamline your business


Don't take our word for it

Technology is the future, and it's time for us to be leaders in this space. This app has been a game changer for us.
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada

We completed an enormous amount of work in a very short time frame, which enabled us to bring an unprecedented amount of value to our clients

Joe Sommerville Service Director, Gopher Systems
Their talent, efficiency and attentiveness is truly top-notch. The support, speed of work, and thoroughness provided by Poeta over the past few weeks has blown our original expectations out of the water
Anastacia Bouzeneris Co-founder, Real Authentication

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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Some of our clients

See how others have benefited

Poeta Digital offered a dedicated team to Real Authentication to support their platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The platform allows users to upload a photo of a luxury good and algorithms to identify counterfeit goods and forward seemingly authentic ones to an expert for verification.
For 35 years, TEC's proven process has helped over 25,000 executives become better leaders. TEC’s members are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run -  enthusiastic entrepreneurs and existing business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. 

Technologies used

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Application Development

We perform technology audits, identify, implement or build technology to transform your business and improve user experiences, adoption & engagement.

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Digital transformation is all about building technology into your business to impact the way that you operate and deliver value to your customers. This technology should make your life easier and make your customers happier. 

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