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Optimize cloud operations with a Cloud Foundational Architecture review

We’ll help analyze your current cloud deployment and build an actionable workload improvement plan

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Cloud Foundational Architecture

As you migrate applications from on-premise data centers, or when building new native cloud applications, you must ensure your infrastructure is secure, resilient, efficient and high-performing. 

Designing a cloud architecture can seem overwhelming, especially for those implementing architectures to support business critical solutions for the first time. Your cloud foundational architecture will form the backbone to delivering effective workloads that suit your business needs. As these needs evolve so will your architecture so monitoring and reviewing your setup should be an ongoing, iterative process.

What are the benefits?

  1. Business Efficiency | Staff productivity - operating in a cloud environment delivers business efficiency and staff productivity 
  2. Redeploy resources for strategic work - organizations can move away from the day-to-day operational headaches associated with managing IT infrastructure. IT expertise can be put to better use doing strategic, differentiating work, such as developing new and improved applications and delivering a better user experience
  3. Automate error prone processes - automate error-prone human work with tools such as AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalog, which enable highly repeatable deployment of proven configurations. It provides system-wide visibility into utilization, performance, and operational metrics to identify and address issues quickly, helping reduce the complexity of operations 
  4. Security by design - Prevent, detect, respond and remediate by running secure workloads on infrastructure designed to meet best practices for security compliance frameworks such as NIST, ISO, or HIPPA. Implement AWS WAF policies to block, filter and monitor malicious traffic to your application stack to mitigate DDOS, XSS, SQL injection and other common attack vectors.

How we can help

As an AWS Partner, Poeta Digital has deep AWS knowledge, and can help you review and improve your architecture or we can design and implement a new Well Architected AWS environment for you.

From load-balanced, autoscaling web and database servers to serverless Lambda stacks and everything in between, Poeta Digital can help you determine the right mix of infrastructure components to meet your specific requirements.

AWS shared responsibility framework says:
  1. AWS - is responsible for security of the cloud and protecting services on their infrastructure
  2. Customer - responsible for configuring security features in the cloud for services they use.
Did you know that the majority of all security issues in the cloud are through misconfigurations by the customer? Let's fix those for you today. 

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Architecture & Security Reviews

We'll review your systems architecture, provide advice and estimate the costs to improve your security profile.

You can get more performance, scalability and right size your instances to cost optimize your environment.

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Implementation Services

AWS offers many Cloud services and deploying these require experience.

After designing or reviewing your architecture - our certified AWS Engineers can implement new features in your environment quickly and efficiently with minimal disruptions to your workflow.

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Architecture Design

When it comes to architecting a Cloud environment to address a variety of applications and workload needs, we design solutions that are high-performing, resilient, and cost optimized.

AWS Framework

Don't just take our word for it

We believe that AWS enables us to operate more securely in the public cloud than we can in our own data centers.
Rob Alexander Chief Information Officer, Capital One
We're super excited about cost efficiencies, but we're even more excited about creating a frictionless developer experience that spurs innovation and increases productivity.
Mitchell Shue Chief Technology Officer, Morningstar

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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Some of our clients

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Check out some of our other industry leading services

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Application Development

It takes a team to build an app, and we’ll bring the expertise, diverse skills, and complex problem-solving ability to build yours. Our team are experts in developing for all platforms and leveraging cloud-based services to build and maintain backend infrastructure.

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Cloud Application Services
Taking new products or services to market or need new features developed or enhanced for an existing application? We are experts in creating Cloud applications that deliver beautiful customer experiences.


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Cloud Migrations

We can help you migrate any workload – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS.


AWS Certified Partner