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We build amazing field apps and connect all of your systems through APIs to reduce manual work 

Let's help you increase value creation & efficiency,  improve processes, enhance productivity and minimize your cost per barrel

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Oil & Gas

Frustratingly for executives, few oil & gas companies have deployed digital technologies at the scale required to make meaningful improvements to the performance indicators that matter most to them.(McKinsey)

Many oil & gas companies face challenges of unstructured operations, disparate eco-systems, disconnected processes, disjointed efforts, and a massive wastage of resources.  

While digital transformations work well in various pilots, most do not go beyond those pilots because of 3 key reasons:

  1. Use case digitization pilots do not show clear value (inability to track ROI, project not have good bottom line impacts)
  2. Requires staff to develop new skills, adopt new processes, and change work practices (need right incentives & support)
  3. Many companies view digitization as discrete, siloed projects (must integrate with wider IT & operational infrastructure)

These challenges have a direct impact on the cost per barrel - which most oil & ga companies use to measure the efficiency of operations. Instead, as per McKinsey, oil and gas companies should address digital transformation through the following lens:

  1. Approach digital transformation with a relentless focus on value creation
  2. Implement rigorous tracking systems to measure bottom-line impacts of digital initiatives
  3. Implement a company wide cultural transformation through a decisive change management program
  4. Modify incentives to encourage large-scale adoption of digital-first practices
  5. Build a comprehensive/integrated IT/OT strategy - making sure new initiatives can be scaled to meet the needs of the business

Integrating various systems through APIs and streamlining workflows are critical to seeing the benefits of digital transformation. Streamlining efforts at head office is important - but streamlining efforts in the field is just as critical.  

Sensors have become integral to operations - monitoring conditions of oil wells; identifying complications & dispatching workers to resolve site complications can save significantly. Utilizing work order apps and tracking equipment for preventative maintenance are also helping to increase the efficiency of operations.   

Mobile/website applications are helping oil and gas companies streamline the workflow between field operations,  field managers, derrick hands, geologists and others and head office. Using mobile/website application solutions, companies can better manage essential business communications; monitor and maintain highly-complex operations; use dashboards to make continuous operational improvements. 

By digitizing oil & gas operations, companies in this sector can improve their bottom line costs, improve ESG metrics, improve processes, enhance productivity, streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve safety. If you have not implemented these changes to your business as of yet - now is the time to drive a full transformation program.

Oil & Gas Mobile Application Use Cases

  • Track Assets
  • Track asset maintenance
  • Manage truck tickets
  • Create safer work environments
  • Deliver on-demand fuel intelligence
  • Create mobile analytics & dashboards
  • Track electronic logbooks
  • Enhance data collection
  • Improve disaster management
  • Oversee geographically dispersed crews
  • Provide geolocation information
  • Provide real-time information
  • Ensure global supply chain collaboration
  • Conduct online inspections
  • Enable materials management
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ensure health & safety of contractors
  • Manage work orders

How we can help

Mobile apps are reshaping the oil and gas market and introducing significant changes to the way they work, interact, and report.

However, to maximize the benefits of an oil & gas mobile app, it is best to ensure that all your backend workflow processes are digitized. Most oil & gas companies also find that having their data and applications in the Cloud helps to streamline operations and prevent disasters.

Poeta Digital offers all of these solutions - we support your operations end-to-end - helping your company be the best it can be. 

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We see oil & gas companies want their own bespoke applications to better connect their teams, collect data and help run operations more efficiently.

Poeta Digital has built custom safety, field service, data and operations apps. 

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Data Aggregation

Aggregating and displaying this data into a usable format to make data-driven decisions and streamline costs to maximize ROI is critical. 

Poeta Digital can help make your data work harder for you.

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Oil & gas companies utilize numerous workflows & systems to manage hundreds or thousands of employees, often in remote locations.

If the workflows between these systems aren’t automated - your company is leaving money on the table.

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Cloud Services

Oil & gas companies generate huge amounts of data and often store this information on on-premise servers.

Instead, cloud computing is much more cost-efficient, scalable, flexible and helps reduce latency and downtime.

How we can improve your oil and gas operational efficiency

Oil & Gas

Don't just take our word for it

Poeta was extremely effective in understanding our requirements and building a solution that enabled us to realize immediate operational efficiencies within our field service business.

Jason King CEO, Kings Energy
Their talent, efficiency and attentiveness is truly top-notch. The support, speed of work, and thoroughness provided by Poeta over the past few weeks has blown our original expectations out of the water
Anastacia Bouzeneris Co-founder, Real Authentication
The Poeta team are wonderful to work with and they were able to deliver the solution quickly and effectively.
Paul Crawford CEO, Northpoint
I engaged Tim, Tom and the Poeta crew to assist on a challenging initiative with short timelines and they came through. They're a professional lot, effective at what they do and a pleasure to work with.
Sean Murphy Director of Innovation, Attabotics
Poeta designed and built a complete mobile application that digitizes paper and manual workflows. Member engagement and retention has increased.
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada

How our clients have benefited


Equipment Maintenance Convenience


King’s Energy, which provides equipment and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry, often operates under tight timelines. They’re also dedicated to providing quality service. So it’s important for their field technicians to have easy access to accurate information.

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Safety Made Easier Than Ever Before


Safety audits are critical activities in the energy sector, however paper processes and inconsistency hamper audit execution. This new mobile app development saved time, reduced costs, increased accuracy and created safer working environments.

Some of our clients

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Your platform is the core asset of your business and is your differentiator in the market. The technology market is constantly evolving, and the demand consumers have for new features and products is always growing. Poeta Digital has a strong background in working with talented technology companies from small start-up’s to Fortune 50 technology leaders. 

AI/ML Models
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Data Aggregation
Systems Integration & Workflows
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