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Our CRM integration solution gives you a single source of truth

Make data-based decisions based on a unified customer view, automate manual workflows and serve your customers in a personalized way


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CRM Integrations

CRM Integration is about connecting one or more systems to CRM system to create seamless data flow between them. The goal of CRM integration is to automate workflows, make better and smarter decisions, create faster and more accurate reports, and increase productivity.

When companies do not integrate their CRM systems and use multiple systems instead - there can be issues integrating the data sources. 

Key issues faced by companies with their CRM:

  • 15% of companies feel like they have a complete view of customers. (McKinsey)
  • 43% report having a fragmented approach with inconsistent integration between marketing & customer experience tech. (Adynamics)
  • 52% of companies say their CRM isn’t doing enough. (GetBase)
  • 57% of executives said they struggle to provide a good customer experience because they lack a completely integrated CRM. (Forrester)

Companies that seek to evaluate new CRM solutions do so for 3 key reasons - too many data silos, lack of integration and their existing systems are outdated. With proper CRM integration - companies can greatly increase productivity, reduce human errors, and get a full picture of the business and customers.

Improved data accessibility offered by an integrated CRM can reduce the sales cycle by 8–14% (Nucleus Research)

According to MarTech, 40% of companies replaced their CRM software after less than two years due to other platforms having:

  • Better features
  • Better/easier integrations
  • Cost saving versus homegrown platforms that are too expensive to maintain
  • Cost saving on commercial platforms 

As CRM features and integrations improve - companies will look to employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language (ML) to their processes. Ninety two percent of B2B sales leaders will invest in AI solutions, implement automation services, add reporting through analytics tools, and tracking market trends through sales intelligence, which will allow them to engage more effectively with customers. (Forrester)

How we can help

A poorly integrated CRM system, or one that doesn’t mesh with your business processes, can cause plenty of headaches.

A CRM platform that is properly integrated to other systems - can provide a single source of customer truth. This is how companies can stay ahead of their competition - making data driven decisions - to put the customer at the center of everything they do.

We’re here to help make sure your CRM investment pays off, by building a framework that works for you from the moment it launches.

And if you’re battling a system that doesn’t work for you now, we’ll help transform it into the right fit.

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We'll examine your business processes, identify your needs, and recommend a CRM solution that maximizes your investment.

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Design & Build

Our team of developers and CRM experts will make your solution a reality, creating a system that makes your business more efficient and helps you maximize your sales process.

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Post-launch Training

Give your staff the knowledge to make the most of your CRM system. We’ll help them navigate the new system and get comfortable with a new, more efficient way of working.

We connect your systems to your CRM giving a 360 degree view of the customer


Don't take our word for it

I engaged Tim, Tom and the Poeta crew to assist on a challenging initiative with short timelines and they came through. They're a professional lot, effective at what they do and a pleasure to work with.
Sean Murphy Director of Innovation, Attabotics
The Poeta team are wonderful to work with and they were able to deliver the solution quickly and effectively.
Paul Crawford CEO, Northpoint
They were great to work with and brought a tremendous amount of expertise and care to our project. Poeta was highly skilled, knowledgeable, and also easy to communicate with. I felt that they sincerely cared for the success of SeekPeak, more like team mates than a 3rd party firm.
Sydney Wuttunee CEO & Founder, SeekPeak

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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Some of our clients

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SeekPeak equips users with intutive tools to make their research and trip planning easier. Customizable lists allow the user to save and organizes places you find and save them to upcoming itineraries or wishlists for later. Collaborate with others on any of the created lists and plan your dream trip together.

Technologies supported

Check out some of our other industry leading services

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API Integration

Effective API integration is essential to ensuring efficient and effective data management. Without it, you’ll find yourself entering data at multiple points, increasing the likelihood of errors and – let’s face it – eating up time you could spend doing more important things.

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Revenue Operations

Poeta Digital can help you connect your team’s workflow processes to increase communication, efficiency, data utilization and ultimately, increase revenue while creating an excellent customer experience.

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Workflow & Automation

Our experts will create a solution for you by looking at how you perform tasks today, and how those processes can be made better and more efficient in a digital environment – saving you both time and money.