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We help manufacturers increase their competitive advantage by digitizing their operations 

Embrace digital transformation and increase your efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction & lower your operating costs

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Increasing competition in the manufacturing industry puts pressure on organizations to reduce costs, improve customer experience and increase profitability.

Did you know - “36% of manufacturing CIOs whose enterprise had recently experienced some type of disruption said that operating competitiveness had fallen behind.” (Gartner)

In the last five years, a small group of manufacturers have implemented digital transformation strategies and are starting to pull ahead of their peers as they realize significant value from data & analytics, automating workflows, artificial intelligence, (AI), and machine learning (ML). (McKinsey)

One of the most difficult challenges for manufacturers is scheduling complex manufacturing lines. By digitizing their operations - a manufacturing plant using an AI scheduling agent was able to reduce yield losses by 20 to 40 % while significantly improving on-time delivery. 

Manufacturing companies who digitize their operations are seeing (McKinsey)

  • up to 30% increase in labor productivity
  • 30-50% reduction in machine downtime
  • 10-30% throughput increase
  • 10-20% cost of quality improvement
  • 15-20% reduction in Inventory holding costs

How we can help

To remain relevant in their sector - manufacturing companies must invest in digital capabilities, software, and technologies to gain/maintain an edge in a hypercompetitive marketplace. It could include improvements in safety, quality, throughput, efficiency, revenue, and sustainability. 

While digital transformations are notoriously difficult to scale up across networks of factories, the pressure to succeed is intense.

Whether you are looking to identify trend reporting in product development or supply chain management, move your operations to the cloud to better manage your inventory, production, customer relationships - we can help

If you want to employ artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to automate tedious processes for workers, achieve better quality control, or make products faster and reduce waste - we can help 

If you are want to build an inventory management app, field services apps or an app for managing your workforce or consolidating data from various IoT sensors  - we can help 

We at Poeta Digital have helped many companies successfully implement a digital transformation program.

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Manufacturing operations are more complex than ever. Fortunately, manufacturing mobile/website app technology has provided ways to simplify the entire process. 

We’re one of the leading providers of mobile/website applications. We can help you to streamline your processes and create a stellar customer experience.

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Digital Transformation

Increasing competition in the manufacturing sector is putting pressure on companies to reduce costs, improve customer experience and increase profitability. 

The Digital Poeta team has spent 13 years helping companies innovate, let’s see what we can do together to transform your business.

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Integration & Automation

Historically, companies worked in siloed departments with disparate missions, disconnected customer experiences, and disjointed analytics - entering the same data at multiple points, increasing errors - leaving money on the table. 

Poeta Digital can help you digitize your team’s workflow and integrate your entire tech stack - including your CRM through APIs. 

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Cloud computing enables manufacturers to use many forms of new production systems - from high-performance computing (HPC) and 3D printing to industrial robots and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

Cloud computing democratizes access to these technologies by small and medium sized manufacturers. Cloud computing can enable computers and devices to communicate with each for any company size and help them to optimize productivity and efficiency.

How we can enable your manufacturing operations to thrive


Don't just take our word for it

I engaged Tim, Tom and the Poeta crew to assist on a challenging initiative with short timelines and they came through. They're a professional lot, effective at what they do and a pleasure to work with.
Sean Murphy Director of Innovation, Attabotics
They were great to work with and brought a tremendous amount of expertise and care to our project. Poeta was highly skilled, knowledgeable, and also easy to communicate with. I felt that they sincerely cared for the success of SeekPeak, more like team mates than a 3rd party firm.
Sydney Wuttunee CEO/Co-founder, SeekPeek
The Poeta team are wonderful to work with and they were able to deliver the solution quickly and effectively.
Paul Crawford CEO, Northpoint
Technology is the future and it's time for us to be leaders in this space. This app is a game changer for us. 
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada

How our clients have benefited


Equipment maintenance services


King’s Energy, which provides equipment and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry, often operates under tight timelines. They’re also dedicated to providing quality service. So it’s important for their field technicians to have easy access to accurate information.

PCE pacific

Automated safety practices & services


Safety audits are critical activities in the energy sector, however paper processes and inconsistency hamper audit execution. This new mobile app development saved time, reduced costs, increased accuracy and created safer working environments.


Some of our clients

Check out some of our other industry leading services



Education technology can greatly increase the bandwidth of educators to provide the training, learning and critical thinking its students need. At Poeta, we are experts in helping organizations build education strategies from the ground up, and can help you find the best technological solutions for your team.

Learning Management Systems
App Development
Data Aggregation



Consumers are more engaged in mobile financial activity than ever before. Customers have switched from traditional banking to mobile banking apps as they are easy-to-use for everyday basic banking activities. Since mobile/web apps have become an indispensable part of our lives, finance and banking companies have been making great efforts to deliver finance and banking capabilities on mobile channels. 

AI/ML Models
App Development
Cloud Migration


Oil & Gas

Businesses operating in the energy sector are experiencing strong waves of change. Data, process efficiency and changing market landscapes are leading priorities. Poeta is experienced in helping you navigate these new tides and become an innovation leader.


Data Aggregation
Systems Integration & Workflow Optimization
App Development


Health & Wellness

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the health and wellness sector. Users now have access to comprehensive information about their body’s wellness 24-hours a day. Sensor technology, AI/ML and social media collide in this exciting space to help you sleep, eat,  think, and live better to enjoy a healthier life. Poeta has helped design and launch complex health and wellness technologies for numerous clients.

API Integration
App Development
Data Architecture



Consumer expectations are at all all-time high and e-commerce customers are looking for an approachable, efficient, and reliable user experience. Poeta Digital are experts in designing products and integrating technologies that will increase operational efficiency, reduce cost and create a world-class experience.

AI/ML Models
App Development
Reporting & Dashboards



Your platform is the core asset of your business and is your differentiator in the market. The technology market is constantly evolving, and the demand consumers have for new features and products is always growing. Poeta Digital has a strong background in working with talented technology companies from small start-up’s to Fortune 50 technology leaders. We can help your organization advance to the next level too!

AI/ML Models
App Development
Digital Transformation

Technologies supported