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We create mobile financial mobile apps that are faster, more secure & convenient to use

Boost customer loyalty, increase the total level of income, and reduce the overall cost of services with our financial mobile apps

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Consumers are more engaged in utilizing mobile financial apps than ever before. Customers have switched from traditional banking to mobile banking apps as they are easy-to-use for everyday basic banking activities. 

Financial institutions have been automating laborious and repetitive procedures, improving the client experience, maintaining data security protocols and managing regulatory compliance by implementing software solutions.

Some of the more recent mobile/web app innovations include using voice commands to prevent users from encountering dozens of menus and enable them to reach the action they want in the shortest way. 

Others are using machine learning to make more precise predictions for users’ needs to bring the right service to them. Machine learning supported by big data can also make online banking activities much safer against fraud. Artificial intelligence (AI) chat robots help users quickly take desired actions and successfully provide customer support when supported by machine learning technology. 

Some finance and banking companies are using biometric authentication methods, such as face and eye scanning and fingerprint reading, which enables users to access their bank accounts much faster and more securely. There are those who are using QR code to make payments, mobile check deposits and peer-to-peer payments.

Finance Mobile Application Use Cases

  • Deposit Cheques From Anywhere
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • Bill Payments
  • Peer To Peer (P2P) Payments
  • Biometric Security
  • Voice Payments
  • Money Remittance
  • Convenience
  • Smart Virtual Assistance
  • Virtual Data Analysis
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Automation Across Processes
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Budgeting & Spending Tools
  • Customer Engagement & Personalization
  • Contactless Merchant Payments
  • Financial Education
  • Blockchain-friendly Banking

How we can help

Consumers expect convenience, security, and other features that help to improve their financial health. Financial and banking institutions that do not meet these expectations risk losing customers.  

To maximize the benefits of a Finance mobile app, it is best to ensure that all your backend workflow processes are digitized. Most financial & banking institutions also find that having their data and applications in the Cloud helps to streamline operations and prevent disasters.

Poeta Digital offers all of these solutions - we support your operations end-to-end - helping your company be the best it can be.  

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App Development

New innovations are being used across all areas of the finance and banking sector value chain including lending, blockchain / crypto, Insurance, personal finance, payment/billing, capital markets, wealth management, money transfers and mortgages. 

Poeta Digital has developed differentiated fintech mobile/web apps and helped enrich their client’s customer relationships through the latest in human-centered design, front-end engineering, and fintech product integration. Let’s see how we can help.

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AI/ML Models

The finance industry, including the banks, trading, and fintech firms, are rapidly deploying machine algorithms to automate time-consuming, mundane processes, and offering a far more streamlined and personalized customer experience. 

AI/ML are terms thrown around a lot, but Poeta has the expertise and experience in working with technology companies to implement the right strategy and approach for your company. Let’s explore how AI/ML can advance your business.  

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Cloud Services

The use of cloud computing to push compute-heavy processes to the cloud has been a major breakthrough. An on-site server farm is no longer necessary for executing transactional volumes. Organizations no longer need to spend budget and human resources to install and maintain hardware as cloud vendors take care of these operations. 

Poeta Digital has successfully migrated many companies to the cloud reducing fixed costs and latency.  

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Don't just take our word for it

We completed an enormous amount of work in a very short time frame, which enabled us to bring an unprecedented amount of value to our clients
Joe Sommerville Service Director, Gopher Systems
Poeta is fast and nimble. We had access to top technical talent
Bill Chi CTO, Paysafe

Their talent, efficiency and attentiveness is truly top-notch. The support, speed of work, and thoroughness provided by Poeta over the past few weeks has blown our original expectations out of the water

Anastasia & Jenna Founders - Real Authentication
Poeta is a very professional and experienced company. They were able to position our company for immediate growth and success. Highly recommended
Ali, Oonwala Owner, nuPharma

See how others have benefited


Financial Wellness That Works


Poeta built ZayZoon, an application that gives employees instant access to their earned wages when they need it. With wages on-demand and access to financial education, ZayZoon seeks to reduce stress for employees, making them happier, healthier, more productive, and more likely to stay with a company.

Some of our clients

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Agriculture has advanced to a digitally charged industry hungry for data and the latest technologies to optimize best practices and reduce operation costs. Marked by immense land and equipment costs, margins are tighter than ever, which require a transition from using traditional methods, to using data models, AI and sensors to build a calculated strategy. 

AI/ML Models
App Development
Digital Transformation


Health & Wellness

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the health and wellness sector. Users now have access to comprehensive information about their body’s wellness 24-hours a day. Sensor technology, AI/ML and social media collide in this exciting space to help you sleep, eat,  think, and live better to enjoy a healthier life. Poeta has helped design and launch complex health and wellness technologies for numerous clients, how can we help you?

API Integration
App Development
Data Architecture



Education technology is helping schools, universities and organizations of all types and sizes to provide more fulfilling, personalized and effective learning experiences. Education technology can greatly increase the bandwidth of educators to provide the training, learning and critical thinking its students need. 

AI/ML Models
App Development
Reporting & Dashboards



Your platform is the core asset of your business and is your differentiator in the market. The technology market is constantly evolving, and the demand consumers have for new features and products is always growing. Poeta Digital has a strong background in working with talented technology companies from small start-up’s to Fortune 50 technology leaders. We can help your organization advance to the next level too!

AI/ML Models
App Development
Digital Transformation


Retail Marketplace

There are an estimated 24 million Retail Marketplace sites across the entire globe and more than 70% of the traffic happens on mobile devices. From fashion to grocery, electronics to home appliances, the Retail Marketplace offers convenience to buyers and convenience is the main reason why buyers shop online.

AI/ML Models
App Development
Cloud Migration


Oil & Gas

Businesses operating in the energy sector are experiencing strong waves of change. Data, process efficiency and changing market landscapes are leading priorities. Poeta is experienced in helping you navigate these new tides and become an innovation leader.

Data Aggregation
Systems Integration & Workflows
App Development

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