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Make your Cloud Applications sing

We provide custom Cloud Application Services for your business

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Cloud Application Services

The cloud application market is expected to reach $166.83 billion by 2024. Apps are changing the way companies deliver products and services, and they’re changing the way customers interact with those companies.

Key characteristics of a cloud application:

  1. Easy access to data - view and edit your company’s information from anywhere in the world, day or night and share information with internal company peers or external partners. 
  1. Flexible use models - use cloud apps on multiple devices - enabling employees to work from anywhere - or improve project collaboration for your workforce and complete tasks quicker than ever before
  1. Lower costs for software updates and upgrades - improve cloud app development through user feedback and avoid costly upgrades for legacy software (required every few years). Pay only for what you need and when you need it 
  1. On-demand self-service -  provision compute capabilities - such as server time and network storage - automatically without requiring human interaction with multiple service providers.
  1. Broad network access - access the information you need when you need it with a variety of different form factors such as laptop, desktop, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.
  1. Resource pooling - get access to compute resources using a multi-tenant model - with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and reassigned according to demand.

Cloud applications can generally be organized into 3 categories:

  1. SaaS business solutions - that may require software integration support (e.g. collaboration software and CRMs) 
  2. Enterprise-class software solutions - that may require deployment, customization or integration support to setup stand alone environments on-premise, private or public cloud where the client is responsible for managing the tech stack (e.g. back office applications for business operations like ERPs (Dynamics, SAP, Oracle), or resource management (SharePoint), or finance (Sage))
  3.  Front end web and mobile solutions - requiring custom application development, feature enhancement or integration services (e.g. front office applications for internal/external clients to engage with the business).

How we can help

As an AWS Partner, Poeta Digital has deep AWS knowledge. With a focus on the well architected framework and on providing exceptional user experiences - we can design and develop your cloud applications to provide true business value. 

We can also add or enhance the functionality of your existing Cloud applications or integrate them with other business software solutions.

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New Applications

Whether you have a need to build Native Mobile, Cross-Platform, Hybrid Mobile or Progressive Web Applications we have extensive experience with it all. Our Cloud Applications are built on a secure, high-performing, resilient and cost optimized AWS Foundational Architecture.

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New Features / Enhancements

Need to add features and functionality to your existing applications or want to take advantage of some innovative Cloud technologies like IoT, data analytics or artificial intelligence or machine learning? We can help bring additional business value to your existing applications.

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Cloud Integrations

Whether your business or customer experience applications are running on the Cloud or in a hybrid environment, there is often a need to integrate solutions across your technology stack. At Poeta, we are experienced in API design and management, designing custom point to point integration solutions and in using iPaas (integration platform as a service) solutions to address all types of integration needs.

What are the benefits?

By launching applications on Amazon's Cloud services, AWS’ customers achieved transformative benefits through business agility and improved business performance: 

The full advantage of cloud-native features can be seen in improved agility, performance, and scalability. Developing or re-architecting applications in Cloud is usually driven by strong business demand to scale, accelerate product and feature releases, and to reduce costs.

  • Cost efficiency - do not need to buy expensive hardware and build your own server infrastructure. You only pay for the resources your cloud-based application uses.
  • Scalability - cloud platforms can manage the scaling automatically, upscaling the resources when needed and downgrading when not
  • Reliability – cloud networks have points of presence all over the world so if one data center does go down, there are others to take its place and your application will not be impacted
  • Security – cloud service providers take great efforts to protect your information, through firewalls, so do not worry about data loss or hacker attacks
  • Go global in minutes – Easily deploy your application in multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks. This means you can provide lower latency and a better experience for your customers at minimal cost.

Amazon Cloud customer examples

“Bristol-Myers Squibb runs simulations 98% faster, reducing clinical trial costs - improving conditions for patients.”

“MedStar rebuilt its patient engagement portal on AWS - reducing downtime from 120 minutes per month to less than five.”

“Unilever now launches new projects 75 percent faster.”

“Dow Jones increased its product development velocity by 30%.”

Cloud App

Don't take our word for it

Speed is time, speed is money. Our projects no longer last years, they last months. Which means we can deliver new features, new services, and new products to our customers much faster than we had before.
Alan Williams - Enterprise Architect Autodesk
Poeta designed and built a complete mobile application that digitizes paper and manual workflows. Member engagement and retention has increased.
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada
Poeta is a very professional and experienced company. They were able to position our company for immediate growth and success. Highly recommended
Ali Oonwala Owner, nuPharma

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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Some of our clients

For 35 years, TEC's proven process has helped over 25,000 executives become better leaders. TEC’s members are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run -  enthusiastic entrepreneurs and existing business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. 
Group 131
SeekPeak equips users with intutive tools to make their research and trip planning easier. Customizable lists allow the user to save and organizes places you find and save them to upcoming itineraries or wishlists for later. Collaborate with others on any of the created lists and plan your dream trip together.

Real Authentication leads the way in virtual expert designer authentication and certification services, providing justice for customers and offering a reliable, non-biased source of regulation to the resale market. 

Check out some of our other industry leading services

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Application Development

It takes a team to build an app, and we’ll bring the expertise, diverse skills, and complex problem-solving ability to build yours. Our team are experts in developing for all platforms and leveraging cloud-based services to build and maintain backend infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration Services

We can help you migrate any workload – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS.


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AWS Foundational Architecture

Our team of certified AWS Cloud experts follow the AWS Well Architected Framework to design, review, and implement for cost-effective, performant, redundant, security and compliance. 


AWS Certified Partner