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Cost savings and international growth

Real Authentication's more secure and responsive app accelerates growth while reducing monthly costs by 50%

Who Is Real Authentication?

Real Authentication is the global authority on the authentication and certification of new and used luxury designer goods across 100+ brands.

In 2016, when Real Authentication was established, there was a clear need in the luxury designer industry for a quick, easy, and reliable way to authenticate luxury goods. Today, Real Authentication leads the way in virtual expert designer authentication and certification services, providing justice for customers and offering a reliable, non-biased source of regulation to the resale market. 

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The App In Action

Real Authentication's cost-optimized and responsive digital solution gives its customers the security and speedy turnaround time they need to verify that the goods they are purchasing are the genuine article. 

Their talent, efficiency and attentiveness is truly top-notch. The support, speed of work, and thoroughness provided by Poeta over the past few years has exceeded our original expectations.

Anastacia & Jenna Founders - Real Authentication

The Problem

Fundamental to Real Authentication’s business model is its ability to respond to clients quickly and reliably. To meet customers' needs, the company created an application to digitally authenticate and certify luxury goods. The infrastructure development and the software feature functionality of the application were also intended to support the rapid growth the company was undergoing. However, the application Real Authentication had deployed was highly unstable, leading to disruptions in service and slow response times. Customer trust and satisfaction were being called into question - posing a  significant threat to their ongoing business.  

The Solution

When Real Authentication came to Poeta, they had already worked with two other service providers on their new application without seeing improvements. Poeta’s experience in designing over 300 mobile applications across 5 continents and implementing well-architected infrastructure services to fulfill software and business traffic goals led Real Authentication to ask for an application audit. They also wanted recommendations on how to solve service disruptions and slow response times. 

Poeta Digital’s audit identified and validated many of the same concerns Real Authentication had about application stability, reliability, and security. Real Authentication engaged us to help them solve these challenges quickly and restore their path to growth and success.

Poeta first stabilized the software layer, refactored where necessary, and rebuilt and replaced code where required to get the company back on a stable footing. We next identified the baseline resource requirements for their application and designed and implemented a new auto-scaling architecture. These efforts made the application more reliable with significantly higher uptime. Poeta Digital’s project also ensured cost optimization for Real Authentication’s application in AWS cloud using Amazon Web Services as their infrastructure platform. 

Backed by an Amazon Aurora database, the multi-zone and multi-region configuration we developed was fronted by AWS web application firewall and deployed and managed using AWS CloudFormation and well-structured CI/CD deployment pipelines. Poeta leveraged AWS services to monitor application health and implemented structured load-balancing and network routing to handle traffic load. We implemented fail-over procedures and ensured that backup and recovery tools were properly implemented. 

During the course of the project, Poeta also performed a full security audit of the entire technology stack and made multiple recommendations for implementing better security protocols, processes, and procedures. Specifically, Poeta used AWS WAF (web application firewall) Security Automations as part of a DDoS mitigation strategy to automatically deploy a set of AWS WAF rules that filter common web-based attacks. The rules implemented have been tested at scale using live traffic modelling techniques, and are dynamically updated to include newly identified threats. 

Post launch, we performed ongoing optimization monitoring to evaluate if the configuration required adjustments once in production. Active monitoring and alerting rules are built in to provide awareness to our support team if or when issues are detected.

The Result

Today the Real Authentication service is running in a highly available, service- and cost-optimized environment designed for current stability and ease of growth to meet changing business conditions and evolving customer needs. Real Authentication’s clients are receiving expert responses in a timely manner. They are seeing significantly lower costs, with reduced outages, and improved operational efficiency.  

Poeta’s deep understanding of how to effectively use cloud infrastructure and a well-architected framework within the AWS platform allowed us to develop and deploy a stable, reliant, resource-optimized application that can meet needs now and into the future. To date, Real Authentication has achieved a 50% cost reduction month over month and has reduced unexpected downtime and service disruptions to near zero. 

Real Authentication is now expanding internationally. Poeta’s work has enabled them to scale to a multi-region global deployment. Real Authentication has engaged Poeta to continue to support its product development roadmap through additional optimization initiatives to further facilitate this expansion. We’ll also leverage AWS’ features and functionality to continue to supercharge their platform. 

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