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Experience a new way to pay. 

Earned Wage Access gives employees the ability to access wages whenever they are needed.

Who is Zayzoon?

ZayZoon allows employees to instantly access their earned wages on-demand. It's a voluntary benefit that reduces financial stress related to cash flow shortfall between pay checks. Improve retention, increase productivity and benefit from a more engaged workforce.

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The App In Action

To help reduce financial stress, companies can offer Earned Wage Access and Employee Financial Health options like ZayZoon which allows employee access to their earned wages during the pay period before their next paycheck.

The Problem

Employees undergo huge financial stress between paycheques. This stress leads to health issues, lower productivity and low retention rates. While ZayZoon provided their customers with instant access to their earned wages, they recognized that there was a gap in general financial health knowledge and visibility.

ZayZoon wanted to provide customers with extended forecasting into their budgets and expenditures, coupled with recommendations on how they could improve their overall financial health. The problem was that ZayZoon didn't have access to historical financial data for their customers or a way to evaluate that data effectively to power a financial health dashboard.

The Solution

Our goal was to introduce a Financial Health Dashboard with easy to understand cash flow information and recommendations on how to optimize spending. To achieve this, we worked with ZayZoon's development team to integrate into two banking integration platforms: Flinks (for Canadian customers) and Plaid (for US customers).

Once we had customer-authorized access to their financial history, we worked to design financial Machine Learning models to perform the heavy lifting for cash flow analysis and predictive modelling of customer spending habits.  From this core work, a model for financial health reporting and recommendations would be built into the end-user application, available to every user of the ZayZoon platform, providing insights and alerts to help them save money.

The Result

With Poeta Digital's help, the development team at ZayZoon was able to put in place the integrations and core functionality needed to build effective Machine Learning models that would power their customer-facing Financial Health Dashboards.


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