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Faster Learning, Better Tools.

Who is Boom Learning?

Boom Learning is a platform and set of tools for making and delivering Boom Cards, cloud-based digital learning resources, such as digital task cards, digital escape games, and more. 

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The App In Action

Detailed student performance and progress reports are what make Boom Learning stand out from the competition. Boom Cards are self-grading. When a student answers a question, they are immediately notified if it is correct or incorrect. Furthermore, a deck report will help teachers and clinicians to track accuracy, errors, and answering speed by individual students or for a whole classroom. This allows teachers to provide immediate intervention with in-person or remote learning. 

The Problem

Education is about more than sharing information through direct instruction. It’s also about motivating students to explore further on their own and ask critical questions of the knowledge they’re receiving. The key is engaging, quality content that inspires independent learning and discovery. But first you have to find or create that content, which takes time and resources that most teachers don’t have. Boom Learning wanted to tackle that problem of how to make quality content widely available for both remote and in-person learning. 

The Solution

Boom Learning began as a small startup with a big idea: Give teachers the content they need. Source that content from experts in the field. Recognize its value by remunerating providers. And make it fun for students to use again and again! Poeta Digital’s expertise and experience in working with startups allowed us to identify the most important functionality for the Boom Learning platform and take a flexible and nimble approach to prototyping an application we could quickly take to the MVP stage. We also augmented the company’s staff as part of our work to perfect the platform, and we continue to provide ongoing support so that Boom Learning can dial further into different educational markets and scale up its platform’s functionality, adding feature enhancements and refinements based on user feedback.  

The Result

The deep understanding of how students learn—through play, repeat application, and with individualized support based on immediate feedback—underpins the Boom Learning platform, making it an essential tool for educators and students across multiple markets. The Boom Learning platform digitizes quality worksheets, making them more interactive, while also allowing instantaneous feedback to foster student growth. Featured on Meteor Monthly Spotlight podcast, Boom Learning’s Boom Cards are used by millions of students around the world. 

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