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Power your performance.

Premium physiology tracking, analysis and insights backed by the latest peer-reviewed research.


Who is Viivio?

Experts in helping performance-focused individuals find a new edge in reaching their goals, Wells Performance needed an app with sophisticated algorithms to capture and process multiple sensors and help its clients lead fitter and healthier lives.

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The App In Action

VIIVIO uses the latest scientific research to give you the expert analysis and advice required to reach and sustain peak performance goals for life.

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The Problem

Wells Performance wanted to build the most advanced lifestyle tracking app available today. Their goal was an application that allows users to improve their sleep, mental, nutritional and physical wellness.

The Solution

Poeta created Viivio, a fully native iOS application that uses the advanced sensors in the iPhone and Apple Watch to record health data and algorithms to process the collected data.


The Result

An application that tracks information on sleep, nutrition, physical activity and stress. The app analyzes this data and provides individualized recommendations on how to get fitter and healthier.

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