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Who is PCE Pacific?

Safety audits are critical activities in the energy sector, however paper processes and inconsistency hamper audit execution. This new mobile app development saved time, reduced costs, increased accuracy and created safer working environments.

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The App In Action

Now known as Applied Control,  PCE are the leading process technology provider in the Rocky Mountain area. Their process automation professionals develop innovative solutions for our customers in industries essential to daily life: oil & gas, refining, life science, mining, chemical, food & beverage, alternative fuels, and similar industries. 


The Problem

PCE had been using traditional safety audits – both health safety account (HSA) and job safety analysis (JSA) – which proved inaccurate, time consuming, inconsistent and costly. Paper audits were unreliable, often got lost or damaged and required manual entry to incorporate into PCE’s system.

The Solution

Poeta created a mobile application that guides PCE’s safety inspectors through a sequential and consistent audit process. The audit results can be instantly uploaded to PCE’s head office.


The Result

The Digital Audit mobile application increases the effectiveness and diligence of PCE’s audits by ensuring every question is answered and sufficient data is provided. Administrators no longer need to spend time entering data. The app also sends reminders for follow-up safety visits and alerts about certificate expiration dates.

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