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New customers, better cash flow.

BizX is the ultimate digital toolbox for savvy businesses who want to reach new customers.

Who Is BizX?

BizX provides the ultimate growth toolbox for savvy small businesses wanting to reach new customers, improve cash flow, and make valuable new connections. The BizX intuitive digital barter system has helped to enable the growth of 7,000+ businesses and nonprofits from Washington to California with companies leveraging the power of trading their goods and services for what they need while saving money and building stronger new  customer bases. 

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The App In Action

BizX provides a collaborative platform for business members to meet each other's needs for everything from contracting and marketing to printing and setting up employee incentive programs. The BizX network includes goods and services from across a range of industries such as events planning, health and wellness, construction, travel, hospitality, and professional services.  

The Problem

BizX wanted to do something for businesses facing cash flow issues despite access to resources. They had an idea for a digital platform that could give businesses instant access to high-value customers, with members being able to collaborate and trade using member-owned currency so that profitability and spending power could increase without an associated increase in cash debt. 

The Solution

Poeta Digital built BizX a digital exchange platform that gives businesses instant access to high-value customers. BizX members are able to collaborate and trade the goods and services they need to grow their operations, all the while building lasting relationships with other businesses and valuable customers, and with greater control over their cash flow. 

The Result

BizX describes itself as a "network that helps organizations connect to increase sales, market share, and ultimately cash flow using the BizX dollar." With its engagement of 7,000+ companies and $1B USD in total transactions to date, its value to today's sharing economy is clear. The BiZX platform has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Fox, and more.

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