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Empower your organization by streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, and driving productivity through innovative automation technologies.

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Integrations and Automations

System integration offers enhanced operational efficiency by enabling seamless data flow and communication between systems, leading to reduced manual efforts and improved decision-making through a holistic view of data. 

This integration minimizes redundancy, resulting in cost savings and an enhanced customer experience by providing a unified approach. 

On the other hand, workforce automation drives increased productivity by freeing employees from repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and boosting overall efficiency. 

Automated workflows accelerate processes, ensuring higher accuracy, reduced turnaround times, and improved employee satisfaction through the empowerment of higher-value tasks. 

Poeta Digital can help revolutionize your company by harnessing the power of system integration and workflow automation:

Imagine seeing improvements in your business: 

  • 90% of businesses face challenges due to disparate systems and lack of integration. (MuleSoft)
  • 45% of companies see an improvement in employee productivity reported after a successful integration. (Salesforce State of Sales Report)
  • 67% of businesses increase data accuracy through streamlined integrations across platforms. (Deloitte) 
  • 80% of companies experience improved customer satisfaction after implementing integrated systems. (Harvard) 


API Integrations

API integrations power processes throughout many high-performing businesses that automate workflows, allow companies to scale, streamline communication, keep data in-sync, and enhance productivity


CRM Integrations

CRM Integration is about connecting one or more systems to CRM system to create seamless data flow between them. The goal of CRM integration is to automate workflows, make better and smarter decisions, create more accurate reports, and increase productivity.


Revenue Operations

Automation and refinement of workflows in revenue operations can lead to a potential increase in productivity by 25-30%.
We can help improve your revenue operations productivity


Process Improvements

Organizations can save up to 25-40% of their operational costs by adopting automation technologies.
Let’s help you improve operational costs

How Can We Help?

Poeta Digital’s Workflow and Automation expertise

Our system integration solution typically involves a comprehensive and structured process - systematic approach to system integration - ensuring the solutions delivered align closely with your business objectives while fostering efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

  1. A thorough assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, systems, processes, business goals, identifying pain points, and assessing integration needs.
  2. We develop a tailored integration strategy to align with your business objectives, outline the integration approach, technologies, and methodologies. 
  3. We create a detailed integration architecture blueprint, the framework for data flow, APIs/interfaces, and plan the integration workflow.
  4. The development and implementation includes coding, configuring, and customizing integration solutions, connectors, APIs, and middleware
  5. Testing and quality assurance ensures functionality, reliability, and security of the integrated systems (unit, integration, performance, and user acceptance testing).
  6. Deployment is where we migrate data and deploy the integrated systems into the live environment.
  7. We continuously monitor and optimize the integrated systems for performance, reliability, and security and address performance bottlenecks promptly. 
  8. We provide training sessions to familiarize your team and provide comprehensive documentation to ensure proper system understanding and maintenance.
  9. Our support team can address any post-implementation issues, concerns, maintenance, and updates to ensure the integrated system runs smoothly.
  10. Periodic reviews assess the effectiveness of the integrated systems in meeting business goals with enhancements or adjustments made as required. 

Poeta’s Workflow Automation expertise

We understand the complexities of modern business operations and offer tailored solutions to revolutionize your workflows:

  • Customized automation solutions bespoke to your unique business needs, automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes.
  • Integration excellence to create a cohesive workflow ecosystem, eliminating silos and enhancing collaboration.
  • Robust workflow analysis of your current workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, devising strategies for optimization.
  • From design to implementation and ongoing support, we ensure a smooth transition to automated workflows. 

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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