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Product development roadmapping that puts your plan into action 

Crystallize how you'll transform your product ideas into reality - with detailed plans, timelines and metrics

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Product Development Roadmapping

Did you know - almost 30,000 new products are launched into the market each year, but almost 95% of them are likely to fail (HBR). 

In a survey by the 280 Group - they found almost 50% of survey participants said their product management teams fail to have a consistent or well-prepared product roadmapping and launch process.

You may have an incredible idea you want to develop into a fully fledged application for businesses or consumers. But how do you get there? What’s the first step? Or you may have an existing product in the market with some users secured and a multitude of ideas for moving forward, but uncertain as to the deployment order. 

Product development roadmapping is an essential part of the strategic planning process. It helps to communicate your vision and put product plans into action. It will define goals and initiatives, show the efforts required to achieve them, and show the milestones with a timeline for implementation. 

Key Benefits of Product Development Roadmapping 

  • Improves strategic alignment
  • Provides greater clarity & focus
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Saves costs by removing unnecessary & inefficient applications and technology 
  • It's dynamic & data driven

How we can help

Poeta Digital can help you understand your product needs in relation to your target market through our expert roadmapping approach that combines business and software development expertise. 

We bring a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, a deep understanding of multiple verticals, key partnerships with organizations like HubSpot, Workato and AWS. 

We provide guidance on when, where, and how to bring a product or new feature to market following best-in-class application design methodologies.

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Understanding your needs is crucial to determine next best steps.

At Poeta, we bring business & technical expertise and experience to our client discovery meetings. We help identify market opportunities, prioritize development efforts, and create a robust plan for staging out releases. 

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How do you know you have chosen the right order of development?

How do you know a new software feature is going to meet your customers needs?

We'll work with your team to identify the key performance indicators for your software development initiatives, set appropriate targets, and implement reporting to ensure you deliver the right functionality at the right time for the right set of users.

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Then we start working on ideation. We will being brainstorming new features or products following an iterative process.

We may review your tech stack, identify optimization opportunities, and determine if a migration or a refactor may be needed.

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Competitive Analysis

 Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for business success.

We will do a critical market analysis for you to determine whether a service, product or feature is already in the marketplace and how to properly and effectively differentiate your company’s offerings from those of your competitors. 

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Technical Audit

We audit your business processes, technical environments, and security controls to ensure you meet your customer's needs and fulfil your legal obligations through the roadmap.  

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User Testing and Focus Groups

Our user testing and focus groups are designed to give you a deep understanding of your end-users’ desires and expectations.

This will allow you to prioritize your development and uncover previously unknown issues and opportunities, leading to better alignment between user expectation and user experience. 


Don't take our word for it

Technology is the future, and it's time for us to be leaders in this space. This app has been a game changer for us.
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada
We completed an enormous amount of work in a very short time frame, which enabled us to bring an unprecedented amount of value to our clients
Joe Sommerville Service Director

Poeta Digital is proud to support small, medium & multinational organizations in any industry

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Some of our clients

See how others have benefited

Real Authentication leads the way in virtual expert designer authentication and certification services, providing justice for customers and offering a reliable, non-biased source of regulation to the resale market. 

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SeekPeak equips users with intutive tools to make their research and trip planning easier. Customizable lists allow the user to save and organizes places you find and save them to upcoming itineraries or wishlists for later. Collaborate with others on any of the created lists and plan your dream trip together.


For 35 years, TEC's proven process has helped over 25,000 executives become better leaders. TEC’s members are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run -  enthusiastic entrepreneurs and existing business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. 

Technologies supported


Check out some of our other industry leading services

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Application Development

Mobile app development is not just a trend but a brilliant way of becoming a part of a lucrative market. They can enhance customers’ experiences and improve product and service marketing. It can also strengthen your brand image, create a direct marketing channel, boost sales, help with quantifying customer analytics and cultivate customer loyalty.

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Digital Transformation

Poeta Digital uses analysis and strategy to create a customized, intuitive, and predictive solution that will make your business processes more efficient. We’ll sit down with you and ask the right questions about your organization’s goals, challenges and successes, then train and implement data and learning models to create a tool designed specifically for you. 

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Technical Review & Audits

Poeta Digital’s rigorous technical reviews and audit processes empower companies to grow and compete through transformative digital adoption or adaptation. Poeta’s experienced group of digital strategists, technical architects, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and infrastructure specialists are available to pinpoint and tackle your specific technical challenges