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TEC Canada Saves $120,000/year from Digitizing Operations

How to ensure business success through digital connectivity: TEC Canada's innovative membership app.

Who is Tec Canada?

TEC Canada runs an international executive leadership program that fosters growth in the country’s leading organizations by enhancing the effectiveness of chief executives and business leaders. 

For 35 years, TEC's proven process has helped over 25,000 executives become better leaders. TEC’s members are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run -  enthusiastic entrepreneurs and existing business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. 


The App In Action

TEC Canada fosters growth in some of Canada’s leading organizations. Realizing technology could increase the service and benefit TEC provided to its clients, we worked closely with them to design and build an app that is a game-changer for their business.

Poeta designed and built a complete mobile application that digitizes paper and manual workflows. Member engagements and retention has increased.

Todd Millar CEO - TEC Canada

The Problem

Imagine numerous groups of business professionals spread out across a vast country, sharing the same goals and advancing a common purpose, but unable to effectively communicate their key findings and advance their entire membership. TEC Canada was manually entering information into their various systems - often entering the same information into systems 2 or 3 times. 

They wanted a better way of managing workflow by digitizing their data processing approach to optimize operational expenses. They needed to improve the quality of data necessary to effectively run their leadership programs.

The Solution

The CEO of TEC Canada knew Poeta Digital from other projects in the community where fellow CEOs were very pleased with the work Poeta Digital did for them. Poeta Digital built a rock solid mobile application to digitize the data processing workflow. The mobile app was able to integrate with TEC’s ERP, leveraging internal data to understand membership needs better and process information quicker, as well as push data to members’ phones or computers on upcoming membership activities. 

First, Poeta talked to internal and membership stakeholders, identifying pain points in the existing process. Next, wireframes were built, workflows were optimized, and a slick new mobile and web- based application was built to address target issues. Poeta tooks special care to follow best practices for user experience, interface and software application design.

Following the principles of AWS’ (Amazon Web Services) well-architected framework, the TEC member application was designed to be delivered on highly responsive, stable, and cost-optimized infrastructure. Poeta leveraged AWS’ CloudFormation to provision and manage resources including EC2 and RDS servers, S3, IAM and KMS within a secure virtual private cloud adhering to best practices for security and scalability. 

Using an Agile software development process, Poeta designed and developed a prototype that accomplished the ERP integration piece first. Once  the core functionality was established, Poeta identified the features of the minimal viable product (MVP), established a product roadmap, and iteratively improved the application through several releases with client and  user feedback  until   a fully fledged application that met both business and membership goals was achieved. 

The Result

Poeta has deployed the application to its 1,600 members and chairs who access the application’s functionality via iOS and Android mobile apps and modern web browsers for both Windows and Mac. The application runs on a scalable, cost-optimized AWS cloud environment. 

TEC Canada has been able to save over 120,000 per year as a result of implementing the mobile and web application. 

Now, TEC Canada gains visibility into key business analytics across all platforms in order to refine and improve its programming resulting in higher value for members and deeper member engagement and retention. 

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