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Storage, databases, networking, software, and other resources - all on the cloud.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services refer to computing resources and functionalities provided over the internet by cloud service providers allowing users and organizations to access and utilize computing power, storage, databases, networking, software, and other resources without the need for owning or managing physical infrastructure.

Did you know? 

Organizations achieve cost savings of up to 40-50% by using cloud services compared to on-premises infrastructure, reducing capital expenditures on hardware and maintenance. (Source: Forbes)

Some of the key benefits of using cloud services include:

  • scaling resources up or down as needed without significant lead time.
  • easily scale resources up or down based on demand automatically adjusting resources to match workload fluctuations.
  • relieving companies from managing physical hardware.
  • access data, applications, and resources from anywhere worldwide.  
  • Reliability and redundancy through data replication, backups, and failover mechanisms - ensuring minimal downtime and data loss.

How can we help?

1. Cloud Compute Services: Offer serverless computing for running event driven applications without provisioning or managing servers

2. Storage Services: Provide scalable object storage for unstructured data enabling managed file shares in the cloud

3. Database Services: Provides fully managed relational databases that support multiple database engines for high scalability and low-latency applications.

4. Networking Services: Allows users to provision isolated network environments for deploying resources for greater control over network settings.

5. Security and Identity Services: Enables identity and access management service to secure control of services and resources (unified security management) to secure key storage and management encryption

6. Management and Monitoring Services: Infrastructure management service for provisioning and managing resources for collecting and tracking metrics and logs.

7. AI and Machine Learning Services: Access pre-built AI APIs for vision, speech, language, and get fully managed services for building, training and deploying machine learning models.

Which cloud service do you need? Well give us a call and we can work with you to create a solution just for your organization.

Cloud Applications

Cloud-based mobile apps have 36% less downtime than on-premise apps.

Ensure your mobile app is secure, resilient, efficient, and high-performing in the cloud.

Cloud Migrations

Migrating mobile apps to the cloud can result in a 20-30% reduction in operational costs.

Find out how cloud-based mobile apps are more adaptable to market changes.

Architecture Optimization

Optimizing cloud architectures reduces resource wastage by 35%.

Create and maintain a secure, resilient, and efficient cloud architecture.


DevSecOps aims to strike a balance between development speed, efficiency, and security.

By incorporating security into the development process from the outset, organizations can build more resilient software systems.

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