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We create custom agriculture apps for agribusiness, livestock, and seed-to-sales sectors

Improve efficiency, increase profits, amplify production, enhance cultivation, planting, harvesting and crop productivity

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The global population growth is expected to reach 8.5 billion in 2030 and 9.7 billion people in 2050. 

Did you know that there are more than 750 million farms globally. Farmers are facing increased pressures from biodiversity loss, climate change, soil erosion, feeding a growing population, protecting the environment, pests and managing the farm. Consumption habits are also changing - e.g. more protein being consumed. This will increase protein food demand by more than 70%. (WHO).

In addition, society is putting increased pressure on farmers to reduce the environmental impact of their farming approach. By using big data and other efficiency improvements, food issues like food security, safety, scarcity, and sustainability could be addressed (Deloitte)

Farmers are building digital farm strategies and plans to organize, store, share, and secure their farm data for use in reducing costs and managing risks while maximizing operational revenues.

Agriculture app development has seen skyrocketing growth as farmers find mobile applications that can improve efficiency, increase profits, amplify production, enhance cultivation, planting, harvesting and crop productivity. 

Farmers are also using next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Language (ML) and blockchain to further disrupt the agriculture sector. They are also automating workflows and joining these disparate systems through APIs. Many are using cloud to store and analyze their volumes of data from sensors, equipment, data from past seasons, and fertilizer usage. 

Common use cases

Submit inspections Improve field planning Manage smart irrigation equipment 
Empower mobile sales teams Integrate custom forms with GIS mapping Manage staff in the field
Estimate & calculate yields RFIP for accurate measurements Monitor soil quality
Facilitate land management Manage crop quality rotations Monitor weather forecasting
Track & maintain equipment Record pickups & deliveries Optimize fertilizer utilization


How we can help

We, at Poeta Digital, know that farmers break their backs every day to provide for the rest of the world. We want to help your agriculture business grow and thrive. 

During the past decade, the implementation of technology has drastically increased farmers yield sizes by maximizing output and automating input via the capabilities of agriculture technology (AgTech).  

Many companies are using off the shelf mobile apps to run their business. But many of these off-the shelf apps do not cater to the way you do business. Instead we build mobile apps that manage how you do business. We can also ensure that all your backend workflow processes are digitized - from sensors to machines, drones, etc.

These pieces of equipment on your farm can generate extensive amounts of data - and while some farmers keep their data on their servers on the farm, many are moving their data to the cloud. The cloud is the safest place for all of your data and it enables farmers to scale up/down cloud services based on seasonal demand.

At Poeta Digital, we can build you a customized agriculture mobile application, digitize your back end operations, help create reports that will help you manage all of your operations and move all of your data to the cloud.

We can support your operations end-to-end - helping your company be the best it can be.

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App Development

Sharing information, connecting communities, data tracking and analytics are important in the agriculture industry - but this can be challenged by remote locations and large operations.

When you require a unique solution - we can build the right app to increase operational efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

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Digital Transformation

Knowing what technology is right for your business and how to implement it isn’t always easy.

We believe in using technology to help make you more efficient - driving further value to customers. We've tons of experience helping companies of all sizes implement the right tech to support your digital transformation plan.

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AI/ML Models

As IoT (Internet of Things) technology advances in agriculture, so do the data models and analytics that aggregate and analyze information collected.

Combining historical data with real-time information to draw predictive models is a new staple in the farming industry. Let us help you leverage AI/ML to better forecast your productivity and yield.

Key areas where mobile apps are used in agriculture


Don't just take our word for it

Poeta is fast and nimble. We had access to top technical talent
Bill Chi CTO, Paysafe
We completed an enormous amount of work in a very short time frame, which enabled us to bring an unprecedented amount of value to our clients
Joe Sommerville Service Director, Gopher Systems
Poeta designed and built a complete mobile application that digitizes paper and manual workflows. Member engagement and retention has increased.
Todd Millar CEO, TEC Canada

See others who have benefitted


Knowledge and wisdom providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts


AGvisorPRO is the "uberization" of knowledge and wisdom, providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts who can provide answers to the farmers.

Some of our clients

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Education technology is helping schools, universities and organizations of all types and sizes provide more fulfilling, personalized and effective learning experiences. Education technology can increase the bandwidth of educators to provide training, learning and critical thinking skills students need. 

Learning Management Systems
App Development
Data Aggregation



More and more banking and finance consumers are engaged in mobile financial activity. They have switched from traditional banking to mobile banking apps as they are easy-to-use for basic banking activities.

As such, finance and banking companies have been making great efforts to deliver new finance and banking capabilities on mobile channels. 

AI/ML Models
App Development
Cloud Migration


Oil & Gas

The energy sector is experiencing significant change. Leading priorities include - aggregating massive amounts of data, moving to the cloud and achieving the lowest cost per barrel. We've helped energy companies to streamline operations, digitize workflows and save considerable costs.

Data Aggregation
Integration & Workflow Optimization
App Development


Health & Wellness

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the health and wellness sector. Users now have access to comprehensive information about their body’s wellness 24-hours a day.

Sensor technology, AI/ML and other tech help you sleep, eat,  think, and live better to enjoy a healthier life. We've designed and launched complex health and wellness solutions for numerous clients.

API Integration
App Development
Data Architecture



Consumer expectations are at all all-time high. They are seeking a "wow" experience with low friction. We have lots of experience in the B2C sector - designing products and integrating technologies - to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and create a world-class experience for your customers.

AI/ML Models
App Development
Reporting & Dashboards



Your platform is a core asset of your business and your differentiator in the market. The technology market is quickly evolving with consumers seeking new products and features.

We have helped technology companies like you to build and improve on mobile apps, strengthen supply chains through workflow digitization, and drive sustainable business practices and reporting through data visualization.

AI/ML Models
App Development
Digital Transformation

Technologies supported