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On-demand information for farmers when they need it. 

AGvisorPRO connects agriculture to its best experts

Who is AGvisorPRO?

AGvisorPRO is the “Uberization” of knowledge and wisdom providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts who can provide answers to the farmers.


The App In Action

AGvisorPRO fast-tracks your knowledge development, giving you a competitive edge in agriculture through a wide network of trusted professionals and companies. We connect you remotely and in real-time with individuals both for hire and for free.

The Problem

Lack of results from 1-800 lines that hindered those in agriculture from receiving assistance and support when they encountered problems with their farming operations that they could not solve.

The Solution

A mobile app that connects farmers and agriculture experts in real time in order to increase efficiency, lower risk and improve the operational bottom line.


The Result

Farmers can use the mobile devices in their pockets to connect in real-time to industry experts with the specific knowledge and expertise required to solve their specific problem. Video, audio and chat tools plus problem identification and expert identification allows AGvisorPRO to enable mid-sized ag industry service providers to increase customer support and reduce costs.

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