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Posted: 09/06/2022 - by Bradley Beal

Workflow & Process Automation: How can we help?

Translating your real-world processes to a digital environment isn’t always so straightforward. While there might be solutions that seem to serve you on the surface, how they work for your organization every day can be a different – and often painful – story. Poeta Digital will create a solution for you by looking closely at how you perform tasks today, and how those processes can be made better and more efficient in a digital environment – saving you both time and money. So instead of prescribing a solution for you, we work alongside you to create one.

So what exactly does this entail?


What does workflow and process automation mean?


While they may sound similar, these are actually two distinct services on offer here, and both are designed to simplify working processes and increase efficiency. 


Workflow automation:

Workflow Automation refers to the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules where human tasks, data, or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules. Using enterprise workflow software, your business can save time and reduce errors with automation. (integrify, 2022)


Process automation:

Process automation streamlines a system by removing human inputs, which decreases errors, increases speed of delivery, boosts quality, minimizes costs, and simplifies the business process. It incorporates software tools, people, and processes to create a completely automated workflow. (tibco, 2022)


How can we help?


We want your processes to be easier, not more onerous. So we ask questions about how you work today, then translate your processes (yes, even the ones on paper) into efficient, user-friendly solutions. Poeta will work with you every step of the way, making sure your team is comfortable with all the changes and implementations being made. We will make sure the right tools are implemented into your business, because it doesn’t matter how advanced a solution is – if it’s not the right one for the job, it’ll make your life harder. We make sure you get what you need, scaled up or down, to make sure it's the perfect fit. 


Poeta will work with you to develop the optimal workflow and process improvements


Technologies we use

Speaking of technologies being the right fit, there are quite a few options to choose from depending on your businesses needs and budgets. Here is a list of a few that Poeta swears by, and what makes them unique. 



Zapier is a leads' automation system that specializes in connecting all of your working applications. Zapier can connect over 5000 applications, keeping conversation flows going automatically utilizing what they call “zaps”. A zap can have up to 100 actions and automate an entire process. So workflows can continue to run while you focus on pitching a client and closing the deal. You can learn more about Zapier and how they can help on their website



Workato allows you to utilize a mix of API-based and Ui-based automation services, ensuring the right tool for the right problem. By utilizing Workato your business can drastically improve the performance of your automations so that they aren't constrained by the tedium of clicking through various screens. Workato also has powerful integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other popular tools, as well as powerful RPA tools – giving you true end-to-end flows for all of your human and machine workflows. 


Poeta Digital are certified Workato partners. Learn more about Workato’s powerful automation tools at their website.


AWS Lambda:

AWS Lambda allows your business to easily automate IT processes, allowing you to focus on writing your business logic. AWS Lambda is entirely cloud based, meaning there are no servers to manage or provision. We simply upload your code, and everything is handled for you, meaning you only have to pay for the computing that you actually use. AWS Lambda can be used to automate repetitive processes by triggering them through events, or by running them on a fixed schedule. You can automatically update your hardware’s firmware, start and stop EC2 instances, schedule security group updates, and automate your test and deployment pipeline. 


Poeta Digital are also certified AWS partners, so you can learn how we can help on our partnerships page


Visit to learn more about how our team of experts can help


How it helps your business

Workflow and process automation can help a variety of business and technology industries. Here are just a few examples as to where implementing automations can help. 


Benefits for Businesses:

Automation reduces human errors and eliminates many time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as manual data entry. Organizations with outdated, manual processes cannot reliably scale with expensive and labour-intensive processes. By adding automation, businesses have improved capacity for scalability.


Workflow automation also benefits businesses in the following ways:

  • Creates processes that reduce costs
  • Streamlines task management
  • Reduces time in a process cycle 
  • Decreases errors from manual entries or oversights
  • Automates approval and document flows


Benefits for Operations:

Workflow automation springboards improved releases and clearer communication channels between developers and operations, two traditionally independent areas. It upends common DevOps barriers — such as bottlenecks and follow-ups — that result from siloed developer and operations channels. 


Benefits for IT:

Automating workflows create better administrative sight lines across cloud, networks, operating systems and departmental interactivity. Additionally, it adds a critical layer of visualization to better configure, oversee and analyze network health, security and deficiencies.



By implementing workflow automation to unify data across disparate systems, your organization will experience a transformative business experience, allowing you to do more with less. With our systems' integration specialty, Poeta takes the benefits of Workato, AWS, or Zapier and integrates them into your business’s existing technology platform(s). Allow us to assist you to unlock the highest value of your business data today.


If you are interested in implementing our workflow and process automation services, get in touch today. We would love to chat. 



Thanks for reading.