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Posted: 02/23/2023 - by Dean Reid

Learn 8 Reasons You Might Miss Out on Mobile Application Benefits

What is an app? An application (app for short) is a computer program designed to perform a specific task. An application can be developed for various purposes, devices and end-users. 

But why does my company need a mobile app?

Do your customers have?

  1. A quick and convenient way to access your company's products, services, and information, even when they are on-the-go
  2. A way to get personalized experiences - such as customized content & recommendations based on their preferences & behavior
  3. To receive notifications - which can be used to get real-time updates, reminders & promotional offers
  4. The opportunity to get location-based services & information - such as recommendations for nearby restaurants or stores
  5. A user-friendly experience when they reach out to you   

Does your company have? 

  1. A way to help employees work more efficiently & effectively while they are on the go (i.e. get access to important data, communicate with colleagues & clients and manage their tasks & schedules)
  2. A process to capture valuable data about your customers so you can analyze this information and serve them better
  3. Competitors with mobile apps that allow them to be more accessible and responsive to their customer's needs  

Still not sure that a mobile app can provide your company with benefits?

There are several statistical reasons that argue why B2C & B2B companies need a mobile app:

  1. Increased Productivity - according to a study by Salesforce, employees who use mobile apps are more productive, with an average increase of 34% in productivity

  2. Improved Communication - a study by Dimension Data found that 80% of employees believe that mobile apps improve communication within their organization

  3. Increased Sales - a survey by Entrepreneur found that companies that have a mobile app see an average increase of 35% in sales compared to those that don't have a mobile app

  4. Improved Customer Engagement - according to a study by Forrester, companies that have a mobile app see an average increase of 89% in customer engagement

  5. Increased Customer Loyalty - a study by Localytics found that customers who use a company's mobile app are 3x more likely to be loyal to that company compared to customers who don't use the app

  6. Better Data Collection - mobile apps allow companies to collect valuable data & insights about their customers, such as their behavior, preferences & feedback

  7. Improved Customer Service - a study by Zendesk found that customers who use a company's mobile app are more satisfied with the company's customer service compared to customers who don't use the app

There is strong statistical evidence to suggest that B2C & B2B companies can benefit greatly from having a mobile app, and that a mobile app can help companies to improve productivity, communication, sales, customer engagement, customer loyalty, data collection, and customer service.

Not sure where to start - no problem we have built apps for over 300 companies across 5 continents over 15 years.

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