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Posted: 03/28/2022 - by Poeta Digital

Who is Poeta Digital?

There is no time like the present to reintroduce Poeta Digital and tell you all about who we are, and what it is we do.



In 1992, our founder, Tim Nguyen, sold his first software product and realized the positive impact custom software has on businesses. Fuelled by a deep passion for software, Tim's journey led him to hold various Senior Management positions across four continents, where he learned how global organizations are structured and operated. At the end of Tim's corporate enterprise career, he found himself leading digital transformation for a multi-billion dollar company in Australia where the primary focus was creating operational efficiencies within the various business units by digitizing and automating processes. During this time Tim saw a gap in the way custom software services are provided. It was from this necessity that Poeta Digital was born.



Poeta Team Vietnam.



We provide services that will help digitally transform your business. We offer API Integration, Application Development, CRM Integration, Data Visualization, Full Stack Development, Machine Learning and so much more. We are dedicated to finding the experts in the industry from across the globe, which guarantees you have the best minds working for you to achieve your business goals. 





We’re passionate about building beautiful user experiences, and we’ve put together a close-knit team of subject-matter experts that share that passion. Our team excels at developing customer-ready experiences, with the expertise to build any digital experience that you can dream up. Whether you’re looking for help on a single project, or want ongoing development support, we’re here to help. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your experience working with us leaves you looking forward to our next project together!