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Posted: 02/28/2023 - by Dean Reid

7 Benefits of Cloud Application Services

What are cloud applications? 

Cloud applications refer to software applications hosted and delivered through a cloud computing infrastructure. They provide users with a flexible and scalable solution for accessing and managing business applications over the internet. Cloud applications that run on cloud computing infrastructure can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

7 Benefits of Cloud Application Services include:

  1. Scalability - cloud applications can be scaled up or down depending on the business needs, without incurring large costs
  2. Cost savings - cloud applications can be hosted on cloud infrastructure and can take advantage of their pay-per-use model, reducing upfront capital costs and the need for expensive hardware
  3. Accessibility - cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for remote workers to access important tools and data
  4. Reliability - cloud providers invest heavily in their infrastructure to ensure high levels of availability, which can be more reliable than in-house systems
  5. Security - cloud providers implement strict security measures and use cutting-edge technologies to keep data secure
  6. Innovation - cloud services are frequently updated with new features and functionalities, providing businesses with access to the latest technologies.
  7. Integration - cloud applications can be easily integrated with other cloud-based tools and systems, improving collaboration and streamlining processes.

What is the best way to implement cloud applications?

As an AWS Partner, Poeta Digital has deep cloud knowledge and a focus on providing exceptional user experiences - we can design and develop cloud applications to provide true business value.  

Our process for designing and implementing cloud applications involves the following steps:
  1. Assess - initial assessment and capturing of business requirements
  2. Discovery & technical design - the development team works with stakeholders to identify the goals, requirements, technical limitations, budget constraints, and timeline requirements. The development team then translates the requirements gathered in the discovery phase into a technical design  
  3. Mobilize - the AWS’ Well Architected Framework is followed to establish the AWS Foundational Architecture
  4. Execute - the team uses a collaborative approach to craft and build the application. They then unlock your market or business ready application and deploy it to production

Not sure where to start - no problem we created many cloud based applications for numerous customers with very positive results for our customers. Give us a shout at Poeta Digital - it will be the best thing you have done today.