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Posted: 05/27/2022 - by Emma Kennedy

Using Technology to Boost Our Productivity 

Technology has truly given us the gift of being able to work and connect with each other anywhere in the world. Well, work from anywhere your organization lets you at least. Some employees are able to work only within the country their organization is based in, while others are able to move freely around the world. Regardless, this is still a gift we didn't have in pre-covid times, tied to a desk, set hours and let’s be honest, a less fulfilling life. 


Let’s look at this from a business standpoint. Productivity is up, employees are happier, there is less absenteeism as anyone can work from home with an internet connection and fewer people are late due to traffic or weather conditions. But let’s dive deeper into why this is. 


The Cloud

The infamous Cloud. We know it, we hear about it constantly and for most of us, it is where we store our virtual data. Cloud-based systems allow us to stay virtually connected amongst all ranks in your organization.  At the click of the share button, you can collaborate, edit and leave real time comments on the same documents. Need to connect quickly to discuss ideas or plans more in depth? These same Cloud-based programs, such as Google, have “meetings” tools in which you can set up a virtual call with multiple people in under 2 minutes. All this can be done from anywhere in the world, on your phone, your computer or tablet. It is all easily accessible and made to make life easier.


Efficiency and Organization 

I, like many, love to write things down on a sticky note as a quick thought passes through my head. It’s a bit of an old-fashioned trick, but it’s great for the memory and general memorization of tasks. I, however, guarantee that if I don’t transfer that thought to a working document on my computer, that sticky note won’t be found until much later in the week, if at all. 


At recommendation from a few colleagues who swear by it, I’ve been utilizing AI programs to record meeting notes, make quick check lists, and plan the next month. The notes record automatically, I push a button and violá, it’s sent right into a Google Document or task manager of which I can share with my colleagues. It has actually been brilliant, and it’s an added bonus I don’t have to scramble for that sticky note at the end of the day.


Several workplaces have already implemented AI tools for their employees to use to increase organization and productivity. Those who haven’t are usually open to the idea of their employees using it with explicit authorization, so long as the meeting topics do touch on any information that needs to be encrypted by their own programs.  


Sickness, Health and Everything in Between

It’s no secret that the priority of health, as a whole, is at the forefront of employees' top rising concerns. Mentally and physically and, especially when it comes to providing care for their families. 


If a global pandemic taught organizations anything, it’s that you can’t expect your employees to show up and be their best when they are ill, burnt out, or when they must provide care for their family member/dependant. Past the obvious, there is also an entire untapped workforce of people that need and want to work, but can only work from home due to disability and chronic conditions.


You’re probably wondering at this point, how does this relate to technology? 


The use of technology in the workplace is the answer. As we’ve said, technology connects you anywhere in the world, and this is what allows the job to get done. 

Connected documents allow coworkers and management to see what has been done and where work needs to be delegated and completed in cases of urgency or when your employee will be gone for more than a few days. 


Cost Savings

Have you thought about how much it costs to rent/own a building to put all of your employees in? Employees that more or less would prefer not to commute to work. Not to mention the cost of upkeep and utilities at a minimum. 


Luckily you no longer have to find a space big enough to cram everyone into for meetings, they can be done virtually anywhere, any amount of people and whenever you want. 


Hundreds of businesses are revolutionizing their employees by diverting some of their savings back into their businesses to direct to the wellbeing of their employees with 4-day work weeks, paid vacation for all, and even enhancing their benefits packages for both part-time and full time employees. 


Technology is now more than ever useful to businesses, employees and ensuring everyone is taken care of ultimately creating a productive and happier workplace.


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