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Posted: 02/02/2022 - by Bradley Beal

Top 10 skills for Full-Stack Developers in 2022

What is a full stack developer and why are they so in-demand? 


Full-stack developers are once again in record high demand as we enter 2022. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for developers will grow by over 13% in the next decade, a higher percentage than almost any other profession.With the world becoming ever more digital, we don’t see this trend stopping or slowing down any time soon. 


What makes full-stack developers in particular so valuable? It’s simple. A well-rounded and exhaustive skillset. Full-stack development is a combination of front-end and back-end development, or more specifically, the user-centered front-side of a website or application, and the technical ‘behind-the-scenes’ back-side work that powers said website or application. This valuable knowledge of both sides of development makes full-stack developers ideal team leads, project managers, or senior developers. Not to mention they can also be a one-stop shop for getting just about anything done rather than hiring a small team. 


So, what skills should you focus on when deciding to become a full-stack developer? Well, that's what we are here to find out! Let's jump right into the top 10 skills that we think are most valuable in a full-stack developer. 



Top Skills - List of top skills


  1. Basic Design Skills:

    Since a full-stack developer is managing both front-end and back-end resources, possessing fundamental design knowledge and skills is extremely helpful. Knowing how a user interacts with applications and websites, and designing accordingly, is key to a successful product development. Other notable skills here include wireframing, prototyping, scalability, and developing user personas.

  2. HTML/CSS:

    Most user-facing CMS (content management systems) have moved on from requiring HTML and CSS. However, some more powerful websites still require this knowledge, especially legacy systems such as WordPress, which is still a favourite among web developers for its powerful customization and adaptability. As such, you will require both languages to get things done and working properly. 

  3. JavaScript:

    The younger sibling of HTML and CSS, JavaScript is essential for adding object-oriented programming to web and software applications. JavaScript is also still widely used for front-end and back-end code in both small- and large-scale servers as well, and, as an added bonus, JavaScript is one of the few programming languages that can run natively in a browser, and on the server side utilizing Node.js

    front-end development for full-stack developers - Poeta Digital
  4. Web Architecture:

    Essentially a combination of the above skills, full-stack developers should be well versed in all of the skills involved in the development of web architecture. Since they are developing complex applications from scratch, having a solid foundation is key. From structuring the code to the organization of files and personnel, every step is crucial to a successful launch.

  5. NPM:

    Node Package Manager is designed for Node.js, and is designed as an aid in the installation of different packages across multiple projects. NPM can be used for a variety of applications, including the development, publishing, and installation of node-based programs. 

  6. Back-end Development:

    A comprehensive understanding of how to implement software and business logic using powerful programming languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, ASP.NET Core, and their various frameworks, is fundamental to building complex software applications.

    back-end development for full-stack developers -poeta digital
  7. API Integrations:

    The implementation of APIs (Application Programming Interface) and third-party services are becoming more and more popular as companies attempt to modernize their workflows. This can be a smoother transition process, as companies and developers using this technology might enjoy partnership benefits, and can waste less time and money than having to develop their own technical solutions from scratch.

  8. Server and Infrastructure Management:

    Arguably as important as the software development side, having a grasp on both new and old hardware solutions alike is crucial for a successful full-stack developer. Even more significant is a solid understanding of cloud computing platforms like AWS Azure and Google Cloud Compute. Knowing what solution is the best fit for each project, and having a finger on the pulse of upcoming hardware trends, is essential in the rapidly progressing and evolving world of tech. 

  9. Project Management and Client Control:

    As mentioned in the opening paragraph, having knowledge of all sides of development makes full-stack developers ideal project managers. Their extensive knowledge of the full creative and development process allows them to clearly and accessible communicate to the client where they are in the project.

  10. Database Management:

    Software applications are nothing without the data that drives them. Database designers need to think about how data is structured, stored, and accessed. A poorly designed database leads to applications that are slow to respond, present incorrect information, or just don’t scale under load. Full-stack developers need to be able to think logically and structurally about the data their application will be using and implement databases accordingly. 

    client facing skills are essential for full-stack developers - Poeta Digital


Let's Wrap it Up


There we have it, 10 of the most valuable skills a full-stack developer should have in their arsenal for 2022 and beyond. There are some not mentioned here, such as knowledge of the Git/GitHub, or even knowing fundamentals on cloud computing and machine learning, but those require expertise in their own right. 


Poeta Digital’s team of experts are versed in all aspects of full-stack development and application development. Whatever your next big idea is, we can bring it into reality. Just give us a call, we love to chat about all things tech. 



Thanks for reading!