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Posted: 07/19/2022 - by Bradley Beal

6 Trends for Full-Stack Developers for 2022

Technology is an ever-adapting beast, and full-stack developers have it particularly rough when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. Constantly updating your skill set to stay relevant gets more and more difficult as more technologies, languages, and resources become available. But fear not, Poeta is here to help with a few pointers on what is currently trending as 2022 slowly turns into 2023. 


In this week’s Blog, Poeta is going to take a look at 6 Technology Trends that every full-stack developer should be knowledgeable in for the years to come.


Let's take a look!


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)


Also known as PWA’s, progressive web applications are essentially just a website that functions as a web based application, with all the benefits of mobile and desktop apps rolled into one easy package. This is extremely easy for users of all skill levels, as you don't have to install anything, just log-in like a regular website and you’re in. This makes it particularly easy for marketing teams to track installation and engagement metrics, as it's just as simple as implementing your analytics package of choice just like your website. 


IT Outsourcing


One of the few benefits over the last few years in various lockdowns was the realization of how easy it is to collaborate and work from anywhere in the world. This also made it easier than ever for businesses to reach out to external developers to get some work done quickly, without having to deal with hiring their own internal team and train various employees. Sounds exactly like what Poeta is built for, get in touch


outsourcing is easier than ever, and more popular than ever. Companies like Poeta will take your idea and transform it into a working application.


Low Code Development


While you still may need an expert app development team for certain use-cases (may we suggest us?), it is easier than ever to get your dream app turned into a reality in 2022. Low code development has risen in popularity in the last few years, and is actually quite similar to how CMS builders like HubSpot or Squarespace made it easier than ever to build a website. This can allow small or medium businesses to get apps to modernize their business made for less money, and lead to a more painless digital transformation as they optimize their workflows and processes. If you want to learn more about how Poeta can help this process, check out our digital transformations page. 


Mixed Reality


Mixed reality might be the most exciting technology on this list, just because it's never be done quite right before. You may have played with VR glasses in a mall, hitting balls of light with a fake sword. Or you might have used Apple’s augmented reality application to look at how the new iPhone or MacBook Pro looks sitting on your desk using your camera and phone screen. But mixed reality is looking to make all of this actually usable, functional, and It's important to watch for any and all full-stack developers - especially when rumours point to the big tech giants pushing to get the hardware behind this done and into our hands as soon as possible. 

Google Maps integrating seamlessly into your glasses? Movie trailers playing directly off of posters? Demoing your application to your shareholders right on their table? Count us in. 


More Machine Learning


There is a lot of talk about Machine Learning and its benefits these days, and for good reason. It's changing the computing space, and organizations around the world are beginning to adopt the technology. Data is flowing in constantly and machine learning helps us analyze and process all of this digital junk and turn it into leads, sales, and trends. There is still a ways to go before this really catches on, but every year this space continues to grow. Grand view research (2022) suggests that the machine learning market is expected to reach 96.7 billion by 2025. Keep an eye on this space. 

The practical usecases of mixed reality are endless. Keep an eye on this space.



All the media coverage about NFT’s, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain has certainly made this technology far more controversial than it needs to be. We are not going to be talking about Logan Paul or graffiti about gorillas here, but the technology that runs behind these fads and influencers has serious potential. Essentially, blockchain is a decentralized database that helps track who is transacting with whom, and how much they pay and when – becoming a public ledger for recording all transactions between parties, simplifying banking, financing, digital currency transactions, and even money transfers. Blockchain is being implemented by more and more companies, and is expected to only get bigger as crypto continues to become more mainstream - for better or worse. 



Technology trends are always adapting, and Poeta's team of full-stack developers are always sharpening their skills. If you have an application that needs building utilizing these trends or other, we are confident our team can turn your dream into reality.


Get in touch today.


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