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Posted: 03/15/2022 - by Bradley Beal

10 Tips to Improve the UX/UI Design of Your Next Web App

The fastest way to have your shiny new application fail on its respective storefront is for its first impression to be lacklustre. A poorly designed interface, a lack of coherent branding, or a poor initial experience can all negatively affect an application's initial performance, and its future sales as well. This week, we will discuss some of the top ways you can avoid these pitfalls with 10 UI/UX design tips to keep in mind for your next app. 


But first, a little housekeeping...mainly, what exactly is UI/UX? 


UI: Refers to the user interface. The UI consists of the elements that the user interacts with in the application. The buttons, navigation bar, etc. 

UX: Refers to the user experience, or how easy the application is to navigate and how easy it is for the user to use as intended.


A good user experience means a memorable app. This blog will focus on the top tips for ensuring a solid user experience.


Now that's out of the way, let's jump into the 10 tips! 

  1. Excellent onboarding:

    We have all sighed after being greeted by our 100th login of the day, so make this experience simple and quick for a user. Or let them skip it entirely if possible. Whatever gets them into the app and using it faster. 

  2. Design for mobile:

    We are progressively moving into a mobile-first world, and more and more users exclusively access their applications with their smartphone. Make sure your app scales appropriately for the smaller screen, or design the application specifically for smart devices from the get-go. 

  3. Less is more:

    Information overload is the kryptonite of the user experience. Each page of an app should be laser focused, precisely showcasing exactly how the app works and how it helps. 

  4. Accessibility:

    Inclusive design is on the rise and should not be overlooked. Users with disabilities or lower skill levels should be able to experience your application. Features such as ulterior colour combinations with high contrast and universal symbols rather than text should be considered. 

  5. Research your demographic:

    The purpose of your application most likely isn't for everyone, so it's important to know who will be using it. This allows you to do market and competitor research to see what's working and what's not. A mobile delivery app is very different from a calendar app, and all elements should consider these differences. 

  6. Whitespace:

    A lack of content doesn’t make the app look empty, but rather allows the elements to breathe better and provides a much-needed break for the eyes. White space is good. Use more whitespace.

  7. Element unity:

    A consistent brand is a recognizable brand. The same goes with the elements that make up your app. Typography, colour schemes, buttons, and the overall look and feel should be consistent from the application to the marketing initiative. 

  8. Test your design:

    Ideation and iteration keep the improvements coming in. Consistent feedback from user testing both internally and externally can highlight what works and what doesn't, allowing your team to really nail the finished product. 

  9. Quality queues:

    If you are going to have to wait, it might as well be a somewhat enjoyable experience. This can be a tricky one to pull off, but if users anticipate the content that is going to load, they perceive the application as faster than it is – and users love fast experiences! 

  10. Content first:

    Make every page a winning page through design unity. Language can play a huge part in the user experience, as well as what images and copy they are seeing. All of these elements should flow together as best as possible to make your app a memorable experience. 


The easier an app is to use, the easier it is to recommend to others, and that starts with a strong user experience.


The easier an app is to use, the easier it is to recommend to others, and that starts with a strong user experience. Poeta Digital are experts at creating beautiful user experiences, and our design & development processes ensures that each and every application we built is designed with the user first.


We are confident that using any of these tips will improve your app's recognizability and experience, and if you have an idea to bring your next app to life, we would love to chat about it. Stay tuned to our blog for more design tips and tricks for all things tech. Thanks for reading!