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Posted: 02/23/2022 - by Emily Chan

Staff Augmentation: Easy Guide to Implement it

Quick Easy Guide to Implementing Staff Augmentation


In our last blog about staff augmentation, “5 Benefits of Staff Augmentation,” we discussed how startups take advantage of adding external members to the team. This week's post will help you understand more clearly how to implement staff augmentation and what Poeta can do for your business.

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Staff augmentation  refers to the process that companies use to expand their workforce without hiring externally. By effectively utilizing Staff Augmentation, it allows for the business to drive new ideas, fill in  knowledge gaps, and increases the team's capabilities.


You may be thinking, “Is this even necessary?” The answer is “yes”! 


Staff augmentation is designed to help limit and better maintain staffing costs. It allows your business to scale back during slower months, and then scale up again when extra hands are needed. Startups, in particular, can benefit from staff augmentation. Given that 90% of startups fail from lack of funds, staff augmentation with its potential to save you money is especially attractive for this type of business. 


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How to Get Started

Staff augmentation requires four simple steps. 


Step 1: Identify your requirements


Identify what skills are lacking within your team and what skills are essential moving forward.. This will help narrow down the field in terms of which individuals will be the right asset for your team. Once this is done, the rest is a breeze!


Step 2: Search and review 


Identify which staff augmentation company you want to work with. At Poeta, we are more than happy to fulfill your staff augmentation requests. Our company works hard at making sure we are the right fit for any business, and we take pride in the fact that we carry out industry specific interviews and assessments before hiring any candidate. This helps to ensure the best possible fit for your company needs and workflows.


Step 3: Welcoming new team members


This step is also known as the onboarding process. At this stage, you have already reviewed and identified which candidates will be joining your team. The successful candidates will then be introduced to the rest of the team. From there, company values, project procedures, and daily projects are taught. New team members may be successful in their field, but they will require some assistance to help settle into the new role. 


Step 4: Provide staff support


Support, especially to newly onboarded workers, is essential to the overall performance of the company. You want to ensure that once the new team members are comfortable in the new environment, ongoing support is provided. Providing these members with opportunities for feedback will also help benefit the overall relationship between you and the team. 


To conclude, staff augmentation is narrowed down to just four easy steps: Identify, Search, Welcome, and Support –and Poeta has the experience to put these steps into action. Who doesn’t want to improve their businesses' success rate? Staff augmentation is an easy place to start, and we can help! Get in touch with us today to get the resources in place that you need.