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Offering Technical Diagnostic Consulting Services


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1. You Register to use our Hubspot Service Desk. Click HERE to fill out a registration form.

2. We run you through an onboarding process then send you your Service Desk Credentials.

3. You submit your ticket through the Service Desk link.

4. We review your ticket and tun through our technical diagnostic process to provide you with an output (we charge a flat rate of $399 per ticket).


We provide a path forward to address your integration, automation, and/or system customization issues.


This response summarizes your issue and ensures we have what we need in order to proceed.

Service Desk SLA's


2nd response within 3 business days.



This response provides you with an indication on the complexity of your issue and sets the timeline for when you should expect an output.

*simple issues take up to 5 business days. 

*Medium/Complex issues usually require a minimum of 9 business days.


3rd response is the service ticket output as described below.


Provide a clear path forward on how to resolve your issue. 

A. You will receive a summary of our diagnosis + an offer to apply the solution to your system/environment.

B. You will receive a summary of our diagnosis + an on the spot quote to apply the solution in your system/environment.

C. You will receive a summary of our diagnosis + an offer to complete additional diagnosis/discovery in order to provide you with a custom quote.

  • We are an experienced HubSpot partner and welcome HubSpot related integration/automation issues.
  • This is a time-boxed service and we will spend up to 3 hours of effort to deliver an output (itemized billing is not available
  • Credit Card authorization is established during the onboarding process and is required prior to work commencing on a ticket.
  • We require a clear description of the issue, credentials to access your systems and credit card billing authorization in order to proceed with any ticket.
  • If requirements to proceed are not met within 3 business days, we reserve the right to discontinue any work and close the ticket (in this case you will not be charged for the service).
  • Hours of service desk operation: 9am - 5pm MST. Please ensure you take into account the hours of operation when referring to service desk SLA's.


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