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Built with the Shopify platform, Spotted Zebra Engravings allows quick turnaround on highly customizable leather, cork, and wooden goods in a variety of shapes and colours. 


How It Was Done


The Problem

Spotted Zebra Engravings launched an online store for custom-made engravings on wood, leather, and cork. However, they offered so many custom sizes,  it became difficult for them to manage their orders on their existing online platform.

The Solution

Utilizing the Inky Bay add-on of the Shopify platform, Poeta worked with Spotted Zebra to launch an easy-to-use tool for the client to customize their unique designs across a variety of materials. Spotted Zebra can now easily print their custom-sized orders and get to work bringing them to life.


The Result

Poeta created a responsive, easy-to-use interface for both the customers and the client, allowing for faster filling of orders and more detailed and accurate engravings. 



"The Poeta team was very helpful and outlined the approach for our website redesign. They took the time to explore all options and presented us with solutions that were inline with our budget, but more importantly met our needs. Poeta knows how to treat clients and get things done, even for a small company like ours. "

Thena & Grant
Owners - Spotted Zebra Engravings


Canva Design DAE11u6ZcWs

Real Authentication

Counterfeit goods are widespread in recent years. The authentication process is costly, time consuming and finding an expert can be difficult. Poeta utilized AI and Machine learning to allow users to upload a photo of a product for quick proof of authenticity.



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