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Technology that reveals the art of time

Cloki's easily customizable application blends the beauty of analog with the brilliance of digital

Who Is Cloki?

There is much more to time than a digital display of numbers. Cloki's customizable clock application allows customers to personalize the way time is represented on their devices and also return to a meditative and infinite sense of time through attractive analog displays that slowly and contemplatively sweep time along. 

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The App In Action

The Cloki application is a dynamic and highly customizable widget for watch lovers that shows time on a clock face and allows users to see the moon and track its phases. Backgrounds, watch faces, and the effects of favourite brands can be customized according to personal preferences on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac OS.

I've worked with Poeta Digital for a few years now developing a couple apps and have been very happy with them. The apps have exceeded my expectations. Poeta is very responsive, easy to communicate with, and do high quality work.

Chris Walforf CEO - Cascadian Watch Corp.

The Problem

Cloki wanted to create an easily customizable application that would bring the art of traditional timepieces to the digital and mobile environments. This application needed to reflect the tangible experience of a traditional timepiece, encompassing quartz, automatic, mechanical watch movements, moon phases, and calendar integration. 


The Solution

Poeta Digital designed a system that allows for a simple and approachable watch face configuration and calendar integration, as well as presenting users with accurate moon face information, all within a mobile application experience. Poeta developed native mobile applications for iOS and. Android, leveraging the in-app purchasing features of each platform to deliver a freemium sales experience. 

The Result

Poeta's expertise and experience in flawless UI/UX design has helped to produce a beautiful and useable product for Android and iOS users, with the capacity for feature upgrades as desired. The Cloki application provides a fun, simple, and elegant way to change users' relationship with time, taking them away from time as something finite to time as a means of entry into infinite personal possibility. 

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