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Personality-based dating app for singles


Who is Anomo

Anomo saw a need to help connect people in a safe and uplifting way. They needed a team of experts to build an app that created a community by protecting users. The app was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable and Forbes.

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The App In Action

Anomo is a personality-based dating app for singles. The platform enables users to register, create an avatar profile, answer personality-based questions, and more. Users can chat and connect with the profiles via the app. Its mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.
As of 2022, Anomo is no-longer available for download. 

The Problem

Anomo wanted to create an application that enables and encourages users to connect with people around them in a safe, uplifting and real way. The challenge was building a model that provides anonymity within the community and empowers the user to control the amount of information provided to the community.


The Solution

Poeta developed a native iOS and Android application that provided anonymity within the community and allowed members to reveal select information about themselves to specific community members over time. A strong analytical foundation was developed into the app to quickly iterate and optimize the application.


The Result

Venture was backed by Maveron Venture Capital, John McCaw (McCaw Wireless) and Amit Mital (CTO Symantec). The application was featured in Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and Forbes Magazine. The app has 350,000+ users with sub-second average request latency/response time.

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