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93.9% of people with a learning disability who require special educational aid feel that some of their needs are not being met.


How It Was Done


The Problem

Learning Disabilities often go untreated because current evaluation processes can be inefficient and costly. This barrier leads to many students’ learning needs’ being misunderstood.

The Solution

Poeta Digital built The Academic Frustration Intervention Tool (AFIT), a platform that allows teachers to directly evaluate student’s for learning disabilities. Once an evaluation is completed in 10-20 minutes, immediate and long-term recommendations are provided to support the student’s development.

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The Result

AFIT allows students to get immediate help without the cost and time of formal evaluations. With personalized recommendations teachers are given the necessary resources and tools to provide students with programming tailored  to their specific needs.



"My experiences with Poeta have been excellent. From the development of the application we’ve been working on, to the rollout and marketing, the staff with Poeta have been engaged and approachable throughout, leading to a very successful process and outcome. Couldn’t be happier!"

Jared Froese
Founder: AFIT Learning


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Linkit! Is a platform that gives K-12 educators and administrators the tools to streamline operations and improve productivity through content and assessment technology. They wanted to create a technology platform suite of integrated web applications that gave educators easy access to educational resources and assessment and reporting tools.

Boom Learning

Boom Learning

Boom Learning is a platform and set of tools for making and delivering Boom Cards, cloud-based digital learning resources, such as digital task cards, digital escape games, and more. 


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